Conservative values and be ahead of time in the time of digital transformation:

Our working philosophy is based on business excellence, long-lasting determination and tenacity.

We are determined to ensure the satisfaction of our clients and to achieve continuous improvement in our methods and practices.

Long before today's world-changing economic crisis, we had already incorporated conservative values into our business such as consistency, integrity, a strong sense of responsibility and reliability in everything we do.

In addition, our work and our relationships are long-term oriented with the goal of creating economical and other benefits through attention to detail and diligence.

On the other side Endurance Entertainment GmbH is a technological oriented producer highly aware of the challenge of digital transformation. We keep track with the fast developing technologies and constantly developing innovative models for example web-utilization for film projects. Endurance Entertainment GmbH sees itself as an audiovisual content producer interested in a far range of product from web-video to feature film.